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Ballot Count Update!

posted May 5, 2011 6:06 PM by United for Social and Economic Justice
Word from Los Angeles is that ballot counting is about to begin.

The elections committee convened at 9am and has spent the day performing a
complete inventory of all ballots, ballot boxes, vote tallies & challenges.

Thanks to your public pressure and good decisions by the elections
committee, our opponents have stood down from their disruptive, circus-like
tactics.  The elections committee is hard at work moving the count forward.

Other updates:

1. Both USEJ & AWDU agreed to a mediator to ensure that the process stays
civil & moves forward unimpeded.  However, AWDU attempted to insert
language in the mediation agreement that would violate the UAW 2865
bylaws and the UAW constitution.  This language was clearly engineered
by AWDU’s attorney.   We strongly believe that any mediation agreement
must respect the rules; rules that preserve democracy in our union.  We
want to ensure that the Elections Committee retains full authority over
all election procedures, including the role of the mediator.  We’ll keep
you posted as discussions unfold on this matter.

2. Because the elections committee has cleared the counting room of
extraneous people, and been allowed the time and space to take stock of
the entire situation, they will likely be able to start with a
significant amount of ballot counting given that the various challenges
will be assessed one-by-one.

We’ll keep you posted as the count progresses.


Daraka Larimore-Hall
President, UAW 2865
Candidate, United for Social & Economic Justice