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Our Message

April 10, 2011

Dear fellow Graduate Students, TAs, GSIs, Readers and Tutors,

We are writing to inform you about the very important, upcoming for leadership in UAW 2865, the union representing academic student employees at UC, and to encourage you to participate.

This message is from United For Social and Economic Justice, a team of local union activists who will be running together in the election. We are students and academic student employees from every UC campus and across a variety of departments. You can learn more about us on our website .

We are the team of union activists currently leading UAW 2865 . We supported the great new contract that made gains for Academic Student Employees, and have worked tirelessly to enforce that contract and to oppose attacks on collective bargaining. By engaging in pragmatic and progressive political action, we have fought fee hikes, supported low-wage workers and helped to pass pro-labor legislation. We’ve also helped organize nearly 20,000 academic workers over the past ten years, and we are proud to run on our record.

We are also writing to pledge to run a positive and constructive campaign that advances the interests of academic student employees at UC, UAW 2865 and the labor movement more broadly. For example, we will run on our record as union leaders and we will not engage in personal attacks and negative campaigning. We call on our opponents to make the same commitment.

While we always place a premium on positive and constructive political engagement, doing so in the context of the mounting right-wing attacks on unions (and especially public sector unions such as ours) is especially important. Candidates for union office ought to demonstrate they are worthy of the offices they seek by campaigning responsibly .

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and please forward it far and wide.

We want to hear from you! Click HERE to let us know what YOUR priorities are for the future of the union.


Daraka Larimore-Hall

President, UAW Local 2865

On behalf of United for Social and Economic Justice