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Our Platform

If elected to a three year term, United for Social and Economic Justice will continue advancing UAW 2865 in the following areas:

A Participatory and Democratic Union

Our Union is only as strong as our membership. We strive to continue fostering maximum member participation on every UC campus. This means more than sending out emails or having a monthly membership meeting- it means going out and talking to fellow members directly, building a network of stewards and activists, including large groups of workers enforcing the contract, and choosing actions that allow a maximum number of people to participate. We don’t want the union to be a clique of people from a handful of departments- it belongs to everyone.

Expanding Academic Student Employees’ Rights in the Contract and Beyond

Enforcing our contract is a high priority. We support and encourage our fellow members in taking action through filing and winning grievances, mobilizing departments and educating members about their rights and benefits under the contract
. We will also continue our tradition of seeking member input and participation in bargaining the next contract (2013).

We will continue to work for innovation in our contracts. While the priorities for contract negotiations are set by the membership as part of the bargaining process, we will continue to advocate for raises in wages, expansion of non-resident tuition wavers and more expansive family-friendly policies.

The contract is not the only way to improve our living and working conditions. Rents for both on and off campus housing have been increasing dramatically. We propose forming an alliance of student and community groups in every campus community to push for lower rent and tenant’s rights in both University and private housing. We’ve already begun this process at some campuses, but will make this project a priority throughout the State.

Long-term Alternatives to Budget Cuts and Fee Hikes

California needs a revenue-based solution to the budget crisis, not more cuts that
hurt students and working families. High fees, further privatization of the University, cuts to K-12 education and cuts to social programs are not the answer.

We will work with other labor, community and advocacy organizations to push for new revenue, continue to reform the way budgets are passed, and raise awareness in the public about the real causes of California’s budget problems. Doing this will take statewide leadership and coordination, something that our team has always emphasized and worked for.

Most of all, though, it means backing this statewide effort up with local work to build coalitions, register and turnout voters, hold elected officials accountable and generate new ideas from the ground up.

At the UC, we will continue to work to hold the administration accountable, and support efforts to bring more public oversight to the now-autonomous Regents: through the nomination process, the budget process, and in proposing changes to the UC’s structure.

Organizing the Unorganized

Many of the challenges facing California and the United States stem from one simple fact: there are fewer workers in unions now than at any point since World War II. We have to do our part to reverse this trend.

We must continue our local’s tradition of tirelessly working to organize the unorganized.  There are workers everywhere who want to form unions and want help organizing.  We are committed to continuing to help workers at UC and beyond win union representation and grow the strength of the labor movement, as we have successfully done at the University of Washington, the California State University, and most recently at the University of California.

Community Engagement

While we represent Academic Student Employees, we believe that engagement with other struggles for justice within the University, in our neighborhoods and internationally is vital to building a better future.