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Who We Are


We are a group of dedicated and active union members from every campus and from a wide variety of departments and disciplines.

We are running together as a slate of candidates in this election. We’ve worked as a group of campus and statewide leaders going back to the recognition of the union in 2000. While none of us running this year have been around that long, we’re proud of our team’s strong record of accomplishments over time: winning outstanding contracts, pioneering new rights and benefits, building political power and helping to organize thousands of new academic workers throughout the West Coast.

Working in a strong and coordinated way at the University of California system is more important than ever.  At a time in which the State government is considering another round of massive cuts to vital programs, including higher education, many leaders and opinion-makers are blaming public employees and their unions for the budget crisis. Some are openly advocating eliminating public sector unions altogether.

Now is the time to pull together and increase our power to fight for social and economic justice at UC and beyond.